A parent platform is harshly criticizing Disney+ for including ‘Daredevil’ and other Marvel series

Disney+ has confirmed that throughout this year the Marvel series that until now could only be seen through Netflix will arrive on its platform. This is the case of ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘Luke Cage’ or even ‘The Defenders’. However, it seems that it didn’t sit well with everyone. and a parent platform raised concerns about the inclusion of this content.

Parents Television and Media Council has launched a Release in which it is said: “For more than 98 years, The Walt Disney Company has been synonymous with the words ‘family. [apto para familias]and we can think of no other company in American history that has been built more on the backs and wallets of parents and families.“. They explain that they trusted them when they launched the streaming service, but they think it’s not appropriate to add series aimed at adults, as is the case with ‘Daredevil’.

Also, they ask if the next thing will be that there will be strip shows at Disney World. They end their statement by saying: “There is no need for Disney+ to compete with explicit content on other streaming platforms. Disney already has a competitive edge as the safest streaming platform for families. Its foray into TV-MA classified tariffs [sólo para adultos] will forever tarnish your family crown”.

This is all pretty remarkable considering that Disney+ has the ability to add a parental PIN so parents can select what kids can see. However, in the United States its Star service is not included, in which we can watch series and films for a more mature audience. Therefore, it would mean a big change in its US catalog.

New Arrivals

This new content will arrive on Disney+ from March 16 only in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In the case of our country, there is no exact date yet, although the House of Mouse has already said that it will be throughout 2022.

This is how Kevin Feige talked about this change of course in his catalog: “It’s been fun working with Disney+ and seeing how they’re changing the boundaries of what we can do”. Another of the new releases is ‘Moon Knight’, which he says will be “brutal” and “risk”.

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