Al Pacino tells an untold story of The Godfather

The actor who played Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy, Al Pacino, tells an untold story to date.

Al Pacino revealed the exact moment he knew that The Godfather it was going to be a great movie. A historical film. The movie of Francis Ford Coppola premiered in 1972. Interestingly, it was a hit by both critics and viewers. A curiosity that remains to this day, because we were able to live in Batman. For a time, the film held the record for the highest-grossing film in history. It was an earlier era, marvel studios and without star wars. Without so many franchises. Now we are celebrating the film’s 50th anniversary and never-before-seen anecdotes are remembered.

The day Coppola cried because the funeral didn’t go as planned

In an interview with New York TimesAl Pacino recalled his filming experience The Godfather. The prestigious actor revealed the moment when, while filming the film, he realized that it would be really great. It was the day they filmed the funeral of Vito Corleonethe great character of Marlon Brando. He remembers going to his dressing room when he discovered Francis Ford Coppola crying. Because? What was happening? Pacino thought it had been a great day on set. Therefore, he asked the director directly what was wrong. The filmmaker replied that he had been denied the opportunity to film the funeral sequence again.

This is how Al Pacino recalled the unpublished anecdote of The Godfather: “Do you remember the scene at Marlon Brando’s funeral? It was over for the night. The sun was already setting. I was happy to be able to go home and have a few drinks. I was on my way to the locker room and felt I had done a good job. I had no more obligations, you know? A day without pending work is a good day. So I went back to my trailer and… There, sitting on a tombstone, I found Francis Ford Coppola. I was crying like a baby. Cry a lot. I went to him and asked him what was happening, what had happened. He told me that they weren’t going to give him another chance, that they wouldn’t let him film another sequence of the funeral. So I thought I was in front of a great movie, because there was a real kind of passion“.

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