As Disney Funds ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ Marvel Writers Donate Profits to LGBTQ+ Community

The Walt Disney Company has a history of positioning itself on the side of the LGBTQ+ community in its public statementsbut, according to several North American media, at the same time would continue to fund politicians focused on promoting the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, legislation whose ultimate goal would be to prohibit talking about sexual diversity in schools in Florida (United States). This position has drawn a lot of criticism to which Bob Chapek, CEO of the company, has already responded. refuse the aforementioned economic support causing disgust.

“I don’t want anyone to confuse lack of reporting with lack of support. We all share the same goal of a more tolerant and respectful world.”says Chapek, lamenting that his company has not publicly pointed out that it is against the “Parental Rights in Education Bill” (“Don’t Say Gay”). all this time they would donate to politicians like Republican Dennis Baxley, known for his inflammatory homophobic statements in which he came to compare children living with same-sex parents to those raised by alcoholics and molesters.

In response, Chapek denies reports that point to his home as a sponsor of figures such as Baxley, stating that they have not given money to any politicians and that the entire management team stands unequivocally with LGBTQ+ employees, their families and their communities. So in the midst of the storm are many of the company’s creatives who wished to reiterate their support via social networks promoting the hashtag #DisneySayGay. “I’m an LGBT animation writer at Disney and that’s why I want the company I love to oppose the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.”said Benjamin Siemon in a tweet sharing his personal experience.

Siemon remembers a teacher who helped him at school when he wondered if “there was something wrong” being gay, emphasizing one of the consequences that the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law would have: the prohibition of conversations related to different sexual orientationsa lack of support that would leave LGBTQ+ youth “alone, scared and in pain”. In response, Siemon’s colleagues reiterate that Disney “You can’t say you support LGBT+ people and then finance politicians who promote a bill that puts them at risk” and that the House of Mouse need to support the people who create your content and the families we create it for, silence is unacceptable!.

money to move the world

“Put your money where your mouth is”, say Americans when they want to repeat that Shows of support are best if accompanied by financial support. And that’s exactly what two Marvel Comics writers, Christopher Cantwell and Jordan Blum, set out to do. donated proceeds from their most recent comics to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, an LGBTQ+ charity. Cantwell said by Twitter ensure that “The hateful and hurtful Parental Rights in Education Bill has passed the State Senate and would soon become law”and recalling that “Disney has financially supported all lawmakers behind said project” why you wanted to donate.

Cantwell’s money comes from sales of ‘The United States of Captain America’ #1 comic, a comic book in which Aaron Fischer makes his debut, the first LGBTQ+ person to be called Captain America. “I feel honored to have participated in the creation of this character”says a Cantwell who would have been joined by Jordan Blum, author of MODOK, in this economic effort aimed in particular at protecting teenagers from the gay community.

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