Barstool Sports founder sues Insider after reporting he filmed sex without consent

“When a rich, famous and powerful person uses their power in a way that harms others, it is newsworthy,”

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, a sports and pop culture media company known for posting viral videos, is suing digital publication Insider after reporting allegations against him, including that he filmed violent sex with women without Your consent.

In addition, Portnoy is suing Insider correspondent Julia Black, who co-authored an article published this week detailing new accounts of “disturbing sexual experiences” with Portnoy. The article follows another published in November 2021, which describes similar accounts from women.

“Une femme a décrit Portnoy la giflant” de toute sa force “” de nulle part “et l’attrapant si brutalement pendant les rapports sexuales qu’elle ensuite été diagnostiquée avec une” fracture présumée “de sa côte”, to écrit Black in a tweeter Wednesday night

Some of the women say they were too scared to ask Portnoy to stop having sex because of his assault. Portnoy is also alleged to have sent unsolicited videos of him having sex with other women.

“Insider has now become aware of at least 19 unsolicited sex videos that Portnoy sent to sources,” to writing black wednesday. “Some, seen by Insider, show extremely violent suffocation. Five women also say Portnoy filmed them having sex without permission.

Portnoy has denied those allegations, saying his interactions with the women were consensual.

The decision to sue Insider and Black was made after the article was published on Wednesday.

Portnoy previously called for an end to the “ill-conceived, unfair and defamatory attack” against him in a letter from his lawyers in January. The letter said that he “never filmed a sexual encounter surreptitiously or without the full knowledge and participation of his partners.” The letter also said that Insider had refused to issue a “proper retraction or correction after Mr. Portnoy publicly debunked the outrageous allegations.”

“I have clear evidence that what they say, what they feel about me is not true,” Portnoy said in a January 20 Twitter post. video.

In an article on Barstool’s website on Wednesday, Portnoy wrote about his experiences with women. He included screenshots of direct messages, photos, and a police report that he says were deliberately left out of the Insider article.

I’m ready to fly my own ship as long as everyone I hate goes down with me. There will be no deal,” she said. “No amount they can pay me to get their backs off.”

Also on Wednesday, Insider shared a note from the editor explaining that they published the articles about Portnoy because it was in the public interest and they deemed it newsworthy. Both Barstool Sports and Portnoy himself have a huge social media presence. Portnoy has 4 million followers on Instagram, while Barstool Sports has more than 12 million.

“When a rich, famous and powerful person uses their power in a way that harms others, it is newsworthy,” the editor’s note said. “When that person faces such accusations from credible sources and denies them, and other accusers make new credible accusations that corroborate and add detail to the alleged behavior. [sic]it is worthy of interest.

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