Mastercard Plans To Launch In Metaverse And Non-fungible Tokens (Nft)

Mastercard files 15 metaverse-related trademark applications Mastercard, the American payments giant with 2.8 billion cards in service, aims to enter the metaverse. As Michael Kondoudis, a specialist lawyer, reports on his Twitter account, the company filed 15 Trademark Applications Related to the Metaversecryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Dated … Read more

How to get started in the stock market: our tips in 2022

Things to do before investing in the stock market Before going public (which will be the subject of the second part of our article), we have some recommendations for you: 1) Define your investment horizon It is essential to know how much time do you have to invest. Typically, if your time horizon is long, … Read more

Stock Broker: The Best Brokers Online

The stockbroker (also called a “broker”) is responsible for receiving your buy/sell orders and executing them for you in the financial markets. At that time, clients sent their orders to their brokers by fax, phone or email, which was far from optimal (risk of error, execution time, etc.). Until the day when, fueled by the … Read more

Comparison Of The Best Life Insurance In 2022

* SRI (Socially Responsible Investment): the management led by SRI invests in shares and bonds of supposedly virtuous companies, more specifically those that meet environmental, social and good governance criteria. Why compare life insurance contracts? Life insurance has the same legal characteristics… As we explain in our guide to how life insurance works, All life … Read more

NEAR Protocol gets 350 million dollars to accelerate its decentralization

NEAR raises $350 million A few months after being endowed with $150 million to promote the development of Web 3.0 within its ecosystem, NEAR puts the cover back and raises $350 millionmore than double the previous amount. The roundtable was led by Tiger Global Management, an investment fund specializing in Internet and financial technology projects. … Read more

The Best Joint Accounts – Comparison 2022

Please note that it is now required that the two holders each have a personal account on Boursorama in order to open a joint account. We noticed that several of our readers are interested in banks with no income requirements. Therefore, it seems prudent to us to create a second dedicated podium. Open a joint … Read more

Improbable raises $150 million to develop metaverse interoperability

Improbable gets $150 million for Web 3.0 Unlikelya British company specializing in the development of technologies for metaverses and the virtual, has just raise $150 million to create “M²” (MSquared). MSquared is defined as the result of the interaction between the blockchain and the metaverseand promises a interoperability between virtual worlds thanks to its unique … Read more