Comparison Of The Best Life Insurance In 2022

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Why compare life insurance contracts?

Life insurance has the same legal characteristics…

As we explain in our guide to how life insurance works, All life insurance contracts work the same way. Let us briefly recall the main points:

  • Life insurance is an envelope managed by an insurance company, in which you can store cash. This money can be invested in vehicles such as euro funds and units of account. In the event of death, the life insurance is transferred to the beneficiary(ies) you have chosen or, failing that, to your legal heirs.
  • Life insurance is a liquid investmentsince the money invested can be recovered at any time (except in some rare life insurance policies that may require a period of thirty days).
  • The capital invested in life insurance is not taxed, however theRealized earnings (interest, capital gains, etc.) are taxable when you raise funds. Taxation depends on the age of the contract, and becomes optimal after 8 years.

These are the legal characteristics common to all contracts. In this case, why compare life insurance with each other? Isn’t it enough to take out life insurance with your banker?

… but not all of them offer the same quality of service

Apart from its operation (which is the same for all contracts, as we have just seen) life insurance is far from identical. They differ in particular by:

  • The rates that apply, which can range from single to triple
  • The funds in euros and unit-linked that they offer
  • The accessible management methods, etc.

In fact, insurers have a great deal of freedom in marketing their life insurance contracts. And not all are the same! Some charge very low fees and provide access to many media, others will be much more expensive and limited. In general, the life insurance offered by traditional banks in the network is the least attractive. Therefore, it is necessary to compare life insurance policies with each other.

Let us also remember thatLife insurance is not transferable! In other words, you cannot change your contract along the way without losing the precedence of the old one (knowing that life insurance benefits from optimal taxation after 8 years of detention). Therefore, it is important to select the best life insurance from the beginning.

How to choose your life insurance? Opt for the best rates, access to good euro and unit-linked funds, a quality insurer… We explained all of this in a previous study, in which we give advice and criteria for choosing the right life insurance. You can check it:


How to choose your life insurance
And what life insurance to choose?

In this article we have decided to “get our hands dirty” by reviewing the commercial documents of the main life insurance companies in the market in order to compare them.

Comparison of the best life insurance in 2022

There are many life insurance policies, as you can see in the list at the end of the article. After having studied them one by one, we have selected the best ones to compare them with each other.

Please note that some contracts have specificities that will be tailored to a certain category of savers. So as not to mix cabbage and carrots, we have segmented our life insurance comparison into 4 categories.

Category 1 – The best life insurance on the market. They are the ones that charge the least commissions, give access to good euro and unit-linked funds, offer various management modalities… In other words, versatile contracts that will adapt to most savers. They are usually offered by independent brokers on behalf of an insurer ( for Aviva, for Swiss Life, Linxea for Suravenir, etc.).

Category 2 – Life insurance offered by online banks. These contracts are slightly more expensive and less comprehensive than those in the previous category. But the advantage of an online bank is that it allows you to open a multitude of savings, payment and financing services: bank account, savings account, life insurance, securities account and PEA, consumer or real estate credit… Some savers will appreciate power to manage everything from a single customer area.

Category 3 – Managed life insurance. Some contracts have specialized in directed management (or management by mandate), which consists of a saver entrusting the management of his life insurance to a professional. The latter is responsible for maximizing profitability taking into account the risk profile of the investor.

Category 4 – Life insurance in advisory management. Halfway between free management and controlled management, consultative management allows savers the freedom to make their own decisions while guiding them in their choices.

Comparison of the best life insurance on the market

Characteristics of life insurance.
contract name

Life Direct Investment

evolution of life

Linxea Future

type of contractIndividualCollectiveIndividual
Minimum to pay at opening€500€500€100
Available Media
Funds in euros and performance in 2021

net of management fees

Swiss Life General Assets

From +0.8% to +2.48%

bonus according to outstanding
and participation invested in UA

Aviva Active Guaranteed

From +1.31% to +2.62%

bonus according to part invested in units

Suravenir Opportunities


Suravenir Performance

+1.30% to +1.60%

Units of Account (AU)


including 60 ETFs
and 13 real estate funds.


including 4 real estate funds.


including 81 ETFs
and 20 real estate funds.

Proposed management methodsFree management or
discretionary management
Free management or
discretionary management
Free management or
discretionary management
Opening/closing costs

Do not

Do not

Do not

UA management fees


(0.8% on ETFs and outstanding shares)



payment rates




Arbitration Fees




More informationfull review at
full review at
evolution of life
learn more about
Linxea Future

More information

More information

More information

Darjeeling is currently one of the most comprehensive life insurance on the market, with more than 1,000 account units and a solid fund in euros. The fund in euros is subsidized according to the participation in units of account and the outstanding balance (if the outstanding balance is greater than €250,000, which is not given to everyone).

Evolution Vie is also an excellent contract managed by Aviva, one of the largest insurance companies in Great Britain. Its great strength is its fund in euros Aviva Actif Garanti, which is one of the best funds in euros on the market. In fact, it is one of the few that can be invested 100% (most of the good funds in euros oblige the saver to invest part of the payments in Units of Account). However, if you intend to invest more than 50% of your outstanding balances in unit-linked funds, please note that Aviva Active Guaranteed returns can be multiplied by x2. This is currently the best bonus system for a euro fund (only the Darjeeling euro fund can beat it, but under stricter conditions: UC quota > 60% and outstanding balances greater than €250k). The only drawback is that there is no of ETFs (trackers) in this life insurancewhile entering your units of account. However, Evolution Vie stands out for its 4 quality real estate funds.

Linxea Avenir is in line with the best life insurance : very low rates, many units of account, two good funds in euros. We regret, however, that these funds in euros have unit-linked investment restrictions (minimum 30% in UC to access Suravenir Rendement and 50% for Suravenir Opporthabites) with no bonus system in exchange.

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