Concert review: Tyler, the creator of the Capital One Arena

On Monday night at Capital One Arena, a 31-year-old artist’s rendering came to life, with Tyler’s dark and twisted beautiful fantasies brought to life in front of an adoring crowd.

On tour in support of ‘Call Me If You Get Lost,’ Tyler filmed 2021 the album’s opulent lyrics within its surroundings, projecting the image of an alpine retreat behind a two-story mansion. Shortly before 10 p.m., she came out from under the stage in a moss green 1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith. In case the house and coupe were too subtle, she then she rolled a yacht through the crowd towards a second stage.

But make no mistake: this is conspicuous consumption as a survival mechanism. Behind the bombast lurks a heartbroken romantic. “I remembered I was rich, so I bought myself new emotions,” he later rapped, “and a new boat because I’d rather cry in the ocean.”

But the Chameleon Creator more than deserved its place as headliner. Tyler’s letters were formed a cataract of consonants that turns into frantic screams or passionate humming. Wearing a short-sleeved animal-print button-down shirt, black shorts, knee-high socks, loafers, and the kind of ushanka she’s worn for years, she’s an unlikely style icon and springy dancer, though her moves are a mixed bag. robotic doll , cartoon cat, dude at a cookout, and king of pop. He is also a bit of a comedian, easily roasting viewers and begging to be booed instead of serenading him on his birthday, which was his birthday. Sunday.

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