DC confirms a new Justice League

After the latest events, we will see a new group of superheroes in DC comics in the Justice League

It’s quite common for comic book story arcs to be changed on a regular basis. Normally, big publishers create stories where the world’s favorite superheroes are born, die, and come back to life.

In this case, DC Comics presented what will be its big event at the start of the year. Dark Crisis will be the new arc in which DC characters will be immersed. It is a seven-chapter event that grew out of a spin off of Justice League #75.

In this volume, we will see how all the great superheroes died. The name itself says it, “Death of the Justice League” and we’ll discover a new cast of villains from the dark band.

Thanks to RBC We could see that the new cover brings us these new characters who will fight in this series against the villains who killed the great protagonists of the DC universe. Batman by Jayce Fox, Superman by Jon Kent, Wonder Girl by Yara Flor, Green Lantern by Sojourner “Jo” Mullein and Aqualad by Jackson Hyde.

That brings us to this future created by DC, where we see that superheroes have been taken over by other people, in this kind of flash forward ensuring the continuity of these characters written by Joshua Williamson.

Outcast, one of the characters from Infinite Crisis written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez used an ancient force called the “Great Darkness” and destroyed Earth 0. This “Great Darkness” was responsible for creating the Multiverse in the DC Universe.

What do you expect from this new arc? Will we see these events in the cinema in the future?

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