Dimitri Poulos, Leah’s older brother, returns to Summer Bay

After almost twenty years off the screen, Dimitri Poulos returns to Summer Bay – He may be the oldest of the Poulos brothers, but there’s something wrong with Dimitri. After his son Theo arrived last year, chaos ensued when Leah’s nephew got into trouble. However, we have discovered a chilling secret about his childhood that not even his aunt knows.

Receiving good behavior after stealing the Surf Club buggy and making an enemy out of Alf, Theo begins to act strangely. After some persuasion from Palmer, Theo comes clean and reveals that Dimitri was violent towards him in his youth. While we knew the father-son dynamic was not a good one, we did not expect this.

John asks Theo if his father was violent towards his mother. Theo explains that he wasn’t and that Dimtri was always taking his frustrations out on him. He’s in a hurry to tell someone, especially the police or Justin, since Leah is in Greece tending to a badly injured VJ.

We’ve known for some time that Dimitri will be returning to Summer Bay, but why?

A little about Dimitri Poulos

For new viewers at home and awayhere’s a breakdown from Dimitri.

As we mentioned earlier, Dimitri is the oldest of the four Poulos brothers. Leah is his sister and they have two other brothers, Chris and Alex (affectionately named Alexi). Dimitri is also one of VJ’s uncles and is Theo’s father. He named his son after his father, whose name is also Theo. His mother and that of his brothers is Helen Poulos.

Of all the brothers, Dimitri is the most serious and traditional. His first appearance was in 2003 at his younger brother Alex’s 21st birthday party. According to Back to the Bay, Dimitri is married with three children. We now know that one of those children is Theo.

In the eyes of his parents, Dimitri is the golden boy, which upset Alex seeing his older brother as the favorite and better than him. Dimitri then explains that he acts loud and clear to give his brothers less expectations, as the eldest Theo had high expectations of his eldest son.

Relationship with Lea

When Theo unexpectedly shows up at the bay, he tells his aunt that he’s having problems with his father. Leah angrily calls Dimitri to learn that Theo has been ripping off customers at her store. Her son disputes this claim, explaining to Leah that he is backwards and that Dimitri blames him for his own actions.

Going back in time, Dimitri protects his only sister. He didn’t like her dating Jesse MacGregor, who had a criminal past. He then orders Alex to separate them. After all, the whole family wasn’t thrilled with the relationship and he ultimately blamed Alex for not stopping her.

However, after the older Theo had a heart attack and a confrontation with Alex, Dimitri became lighter, even teasing Leah. Months later, Dimitri and Theo reunited with Leah before she and VJ flew to the United States for VJ’s audition surgery.

The last time Dimitri appeared was in 2005 when Leah married Dan Baker. When Dimitri, Chris, Theo Mayor and Helen arrive, the bride runs like a chicken with her head cut off. She told them that the ceremony would have to be postponed as there was no wedding venue and no minister. Later, she helped rearrange a new one.

Why has Dimitri returned?

When young Theo showed up, it was only a matter of time before his father got involved in the off-screen story. As we mentioned earlier, Dimitri abused Theo when he was a child, so why is he suddenly back in the Bay? In another Back to the Bay article, it is hinted that a scene involving Dimitri was filmed where Leah is involved and she will probably have to call the police.

There could be some form of explanation for this. At the moment, Leah doesn’t know what her older brother did to her nephew. Here are some ideas:

  • Theo is clear about his father’s abuse.
  • The truth about what is happening in the Poulos company.
  • Léa surprises Dimitri by getting violent with Théo.

We know from recent episodes that Theo has been in contact with his mother, who is keeping things from her husband so he doesn’t attack their son.

Leah is currently helping VJ after his accident in Greece. We don’t know when she will return. However, given her upcoming history with her brother, that should be soon.

What other information is there?

Aside from Leah’s involvement in the story, there is no further information yet. However, our background image, which was taken a while back and found on Google, shows actor Dimitri Salvatore Coco with Lynne McGranger (Irene) and Harley Bonner (Logan). Also, it is implied that he will appear in scenes with Irene and Logan. However, maybe it was just the actors hanging out together.

As for the arrival date, it is not clear. However, since Salvatore is with Harley and the scenes were filmed last year, we estimate that Dimitri’s first episode will probably air in April or May.

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