Health insurance in Peru: Types and their characteristics

The types of health insurance in Peru are administered by the institutions of Health Insurance Funds (IAFAS)

They are more recognized as health insurers, they are the institutions that provide health insurance in this country.

The health insurance service in Peru allows you to be protected or covered against any accident or eventuality that could happen to you similar to a life insurance in Peru.

types of health insurance

Types of health insurance in Peru

In Peru there is behind types of insurance one is from the state, the second is private insurance, each with different coverage.

State insurance

The health insurance of the Peruvian State or better known public insurance allow you to wait in the Public Health Provider Institutions, depending on the type of regime in which you are registered.

If you lose the EsSalud name, in Peru, you will wait only at the EsSalud Health Centers.

Now if you are registered or belong to the Armed Forces regime, you will only be able to serve yourself at their Health Centers.

Public insurance in Peru called SIS, EsSalud, are from the Armed Forces and the Police Health Insurance.

Which are the most used?

Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS))

The insurance was created in Peru, mainly for people living in poverty and extreme poverty.

This type of insurance SIS has other subsidized and semi-contributory insurance for people.

The main linings that support yours; Purchase of medicines, operations, supplies, burial bonds and transfers according to the type of SIS you have registered.

Among other services and coverage that the SIS has is the insurance for entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and independent workers.

Discover the types and coverage of Peru’s social insurance Essalud

Health Provider Companies

The EPS are the Health Provider Companies, EPS, between public and private distinguished to EsSalud that provide additional coverage to the PEAS coverage of EsSalud in Peru.

Employers can contract the services or coverage of the EPS to provide additional coverage to the PEAS for their employees.

However, in EsSalud, you will be an employee who pays for this additional coverage.

Health companies in Peru – PES

What are the insurance companies in Peru?

  1. Rimac
  2. mapfre
  3. health
  4. peaceful

the choice of insurer or insurance company It will be up to you or the employer to choose between these options.

It is recommended to take out health insurance to be protected against any situation that may happen to you or your family members.

What are the best health insurances in Peru?

In reality, the greatest does not exist because it depends on each person’s needs, coverage that can be provided by both public systems and private insurers.

What are the private insurances in Peru?

These are the most common main private insurances in Peru:

  1. international medical assistance insurance
  2. national assistance insurance
  3. Accident insurance
  4. health insurance with agreement
  5. Insurance for EPS
  6. Cancer Insurance

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance is through a monthly payment policy, which will allow you to access outpatient medical care according to your coverage, such as:

  • Hospitable
  • medical exams
  • Medicines and treatments in private clinics according to the chosen plan

Therefore, private insurance will guarantee fast and timely care in first-class private clinics according to your policyholder.

To assist you with EsSalud or with the SIS, in which your attention will have a much longer wait.

I hope you have responded and tested the information, if you are part of the social network to cover more people.

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