How To Clear Cache On Iphone

While clearing the cache isn’t usually something you need on your iPhone, sometimes an app starts misbehaving or you notice your iPhone slowing down, and clearing the cache can be very helpful in those moments. such case. Moreover, it can also help you recover some iPhone storage without having to download apps or delete documents and data from your iPhone. So here is how to clear cache on iPhone easily.

While iOS lacks a system-wide scanner to scan the entire device and show the total cache files count, there are some effective solutions that allow you to delete cache files from your iPhone. Moreover, if you don’t mind spending a few dollars to buy a powerful storage cleaner, you can monitor all junk files and wipe them clean with just one click. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Many of you will be surprised to know that a simple restart can also clear the cache on your iPhone. While the restart trick can only clear some mild caches, it comes in handy when facing other problems like frozen apps and unresponsive touch. That’s why it’s better to reboot your device once to get rid of small cache and also to free up memory.

When you browse the web on Safari (or any other browser), the websites you visit store certain data on your iPhone, including cookies and other cache files. Fortunately, clearing Safari’s history and cache is a simple process. Alternatively, if you want, you can also delete cookies on your iPhone instead of deleting all website data. That said, here’s how to clear Safari cache on iPhone.

2. Now press Clear History and Website Data. A pop-up menu will show up from the bottom with something like, Clearing will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data. History will also be cleared from devices signed in to your iCloud account. Nhấn vào ‘Xóa lịch sử và dữ liệu trang web’ để xóa bộ nhớ cache của trình duyệt và xóa tất cả dữ liệu trang web.

Tap Safari History and Website Data and Clear History and Data

3. Clear Cache from App Settings on iPhone and iPad

Many apps like Chrome, Firefox, Spotify, Snapchat come with a setting that allows you to easily clear the associated cache. Therefore, sometimes, you don't need to look anywhere other than the app's settings to clear the cache.

Clear cache in Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome App -> More button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Open Chrome and tap the more button

2. Now press History and choose Clear Browsing Data.

Tap History and select Clear Browsing Data

3. Next, make sure Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Filess is selected. Then tap Clear Browsing Data And confirm.

Clear cache in Google Chrome on iPhone

Clear Cache in Firefox

1. Navigate to Firefox app -> More button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Navigate Firefox and click the More nút button

2. Now choose History. Then tap Clear Recent History and then select clear cache of last hour, today, today, and yesterday, or everything depending on your needs.

Clear Cache in Firefox on iOS

Clean cache in Spotify

If you want to delete app data for the Spotify iPhone app, you can do so easily without having to delete and reinstall the app.

1. Open Spotify app -> Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Open Spotify and tap Settings

2. Now press Storage and hit Clear Cache.

Tap Storage and Clear Cache

Clear cache in Snapchat

1. Launch Snapchat app on your device and tap profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

How to clear cache on iPhone

2. Now tap Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and tap Clear Cache located in the Accounts section. Don't forget to press Clear in the pop-up to confirm the cleanup.

Tap Settings and tap Clear Cache

To clear cache from other apps, drill into their respective settings -> search Clear Cache and do what is necessary. However, this option is not available in all apps, so you may need to use other methods to clear cache and free up memory.

4. Clear App Cache on iPhone and iPad

iOS provides a simple way to monitor memory usage. With a simple storage bar, you can find out which categories like apps, photos, Mail, System Data, etc. have taken up more space.

Furthermore, you can also drill down into the details and check the total amount of space attacked by specific apps. And if you come across apps that take up more space than you can afford, you can clear them all along with their associated caches to free up more storage space on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few apps like Instagram that don't let you clear the cache. Therefore, you need to delete and reinstall them to get rid of the associated cache.

1. First of all, let's launch Settings app on your iPhone and select General.

Open Settings and Select General

2. Now press iPhone/iPad Storage.

Tap iPhone Storage

3. Next, a long list of apps will appear on your device along with how much storage each app has used. Select the app which cache you want to clear.

How to clear cache on iPhone

3. Next, tap Delete App and confirm by pressing Delete App in the pop-up window.

Clear App Cache on iPhone

5. Use third-party apps to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

If you are looking for a more efficient way to clear the cache on your iOS/iPadOS device, then third-party memory cleaners will be worth a try. Thanks to a powerful scanner, they can quickly scan your device and show items that need to be cleaned. Besides, you can manually select useless items and get rid of them all with one click.

The tool that I have tried and found to be quite reliable is iMyFone Umate ($29.95/year) and PhoneClean ($19.99/year). They support both macOS and Windows and allow you to easily remove temporary and junk files from your iPhone. While these tools are provided for free, you will need to upgrade to the premium version to exploit their full potential.

Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad with iMyFone Umate

first. Plug your iPhone to your computer (Mac or PC)

2. Now open iMyFone Umate app and hit Scan.

Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad with iMyFone Umate

3. Once the tool has scanned your device, it will show you how many items (along with their file sizes) are useless. Finally, select the items you want to delete and click Clean.

Clear cache from your iPhone and iPad with PhoneClean

1. To get started, connect your iPhone to your computer.

2. Now, launch PhoneClean app and click Scan.

3. Next, wait for some time until the tool scans your device. Then click Clean to delete temporary files.

Clear cache from iPhone with PhoneClean

Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad Easily

Well, that's how you can clear cache from your iOS device and recover a lot of precious storage. In addition to helping you keep your memory clean, the tips mentioned above can also help prevent problems like overheating, unexpected battery drain, and sluggish performance. So have you cleared the cache on your iPhone recently? Would you like Apple to make clearing the cache easier? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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