How To Put Music On Discord, Learn How To Add Bots To Your Server.

We know that bots are programs that we usually use to perform specific tasks or a set of tasks automatically, the possibilities with them are endless since we can find functionalities of all kinds, this time we will focus on one of them…. The music.
At present, music has become an even more important factor in people’s lives, so not being left behind and after a short time, the function of how to put music on Discord was implemented by adding bots for it, satisfying the need for Many people like to play music with the greatest ease, these bots came to serve the community.

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How to add any bot to Discord

Have you ever wondered…. How can you have a music bot on your Discord server?

Adding bots to your public or personal server with these or other functions is not complicated at all, but you must bear in mind that not all of them work in the same way and for that reason their configuration method also tends to vary due to the diversity of concepts. carried out by the different creators and configurators of said bots.

To add a bot to your server you just have to visit the web or any of your preference, then select the option invite and follow the steps of login and captcha. We show it below: focus it within your community

The Best Music Bots for a Discord Server

Although within the Discord community there is a wide repertoire of bots in relation to music, here we are going to mention the easiest to configure. We can find the best rated and most used by the community by putting music on Discord. Assessing each bot with what they can offer, their features that distinguish them and user opinion, we can mention the following:

  • Probot
  • Vexera
  • Rhythm
  • Hydra
  • groovy

Taking into account that there are countless bots related to music, we have decided to include the aforementioned ones since they would be the most used/included in private and public servers, far from many others. This fact is presented thanks to the fact that its main focus is music, while others have it as a secondary theme, focusing on different functions within the application and being able to make configuration more difficult for novice administrators.

How to put music on Discord to make a most entertaining server

  • Once the bot that you are going to use to play music has been selected, we must be connected to any voice channel or assign one(s) for the bot to work.
  • We will go to a previously created text channel or to the channel that we have declared to our bot where it must read our commands to be carried out.
  • Once in the text channel, what we must do is use the corresponding command to play songs, which will be declared in the commands section of the specific bot page. We leave you an example command format below:

{prefix} {action} {mandatory requirement} (optional information)
/play plan to paulo londra


It is the symbol with which the bot identifies that it must carry out the action that is being requested, each of them includes a value in its configuration default which can be modified later.


The action is linked to the function that we want our bot to perform, that is, if we want to play a song, pause it, skip it and even connect or disconnect the bot to the voice channel we are on. We will also find actions that will ask us to include additional information to successfully execute a specific function.

Different actions you can perform with music bots within Discord

These different actions can be found in the list of commands provided by the creators of each bot, however, below we will give you some examples.

/play {song name} (artist) – This would be an example of how to play a song, we can see that the prefix used, whether configured or default, would be the ( / )the action to perform designated with the word (play)either (p) in other cases, it would let the bot know the function to perform and we would specify which song and optionally which artist it would be to finish.

/skip – This command would have the function of skipping the song that is being played to the next one that is in the playback queue.

/pause – The action to perform with this command is none other than to pause the song that is running at the moment, and vice versa, with the command /summarizes would resume playback of the song at the snippet where it was paused.

Additional information / Tips

  • When looking to play a song, try to be as specific as possible by providing as much information as you know (name of the song, artist, group, album, etc), this way you will get the best result from the bot you are using.
  • Although you can play a complete album of some artist or group, it is not recommended to use this feature if you are on a public server, since these usually have as a rule not to add songs with excessive length or many songs at the same time since the The use of the bot would be communal and shared among a variety of users. It is not applicable to the use of a bot on a private server or that do not have this rule exposed.
  • In configuration issues, it is always good to have voice and text channels assigned to the use of music bots according to the function of the server, so we can keep an order and the bot would only work in the channels that we want. To configure it this way, we must execute the command or follow the steps indicated in the bot’s configuration sheet (we can find these on the official page of the bot to be used), since not all of them are usually configured in the same way.Also in this way, we would avoid the use of more than one bot in the same voice channel, which would cause them to collapse or malfunction, and we would correctly know how to put music on Discord. In summary, if each one has a channel for its better operation, in the case of handling different bots at the same time.

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