I am legend will have a sequel! With Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan

Fifteen years after the first part, I am a legend 2 is coming to fruition at Warner Bros., we find out Deadline. Will Smith will reprise his scientific role and will be joined by the star of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan. The two actors will be at the top of the bill and will also produce this sequel together. Both confirmed the information on Instagram:

If the scenario remains confidential, we know that Francis Lawrence, who had directed the first play, will not return for this second part. On the other hand, it is Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter of the first film, adapted for the third time from the novel by science fiction author Richard Matheson published in 1955, who will write this sequel.

In 2007, Will Smith tried to survive alone with his dog on the deserted streets of New York plagued by an incurable virus. During the day, he tried to communicate with possible survivors. At night, he fought against the mutants, infected by this modern plague. The end of the film left little room for a return of Will Smith in the shoes of Robert Neville, but there is a more open alternative ending that would justify a return of the hero.

The first work of I am a legend had amassed nearly $600 million at the worldwide box office. By bringing together the two Hollywood stars, who together weigh 12 billion at the box office, according to DeadlineWarner certainly hopes to do better.

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