Improbable raises $150 million to develop metaverse interoperability

Improbable gets $150 million for Web 3.0

Unlikelya British company specializing in the development of technologies for metaverses and the virtual, has just raise $150 million to create “M²” (MSquared).

MSquared is defined as the result of the interaction between the blockchain and the metaverseand promises a interoperability between virtual worlds thanks to its unique “Morpheus” technology, whether for video games, entertainment, music or even fashion.

The round table was conducted as part of a venture capital offer and was able to bring together 7 investorsincluding a16z and SoftBank Vision Fund 2, alongside CMT, SIG, Ethereal Ventures and Mirana.

For Herman Narulathe CEO of Improbable, Web 3.0 and the metaverse will revolutionize our lives as we know them:

“We founded Improbable to deliver on the promise of online worlds that were more than just games – they were extensions of our lives. I believe that the movement of metaverses and Web 3.0, although very early, represents a new definition of our society towards an “economy of fulfillment”, where the experiments carried out by an open network of creators and companies can create huge opportunities for everyone. »

Msquared promises to combine the Morpheus technology developed by Improbable with interoperability of new services and Web 3.0.

Improbable, pioneer of online worlds

Since 2012, Improbable has been providing solutions to video game companies so that they can accommodate a greater number of players simultaneously. However, despite significant financial support, as evidenced by its fundraising of 502 million dollars during the year 2017Improbable undoubtedly had the defect of being present too early in the sector.

Indeed, the company has experienced many setbacks, between the failure of several games and a significant turnover at the level of the company’s leaders. Narula, current CEO, admits that his beginnings were uncertain, ” its operation was more complicated than necessary “, did he declare.

But Improbable has evolved and so have virtual worlds. This is why, last year, Improbable revealed ” Morpheus », a technological solution allowing to bring together more than 10,000 people simultaneously in a virtual world.

A technological prowess in comparison with recognized virtual worldssuch as Fortnite, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty: Warzone, games focused on multiplayer with a number of players much lower than what Morpheus allows.

Additionally, metaverses, blockchain and NFTs are growing in popularity, the figures for 2021 bear witness to this. : 25 billion dollars in terms of volume for NFTs, or the 15,000 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies that passed through the platforms over the same year.

We could also cite the game The Sandbox and its partnerships with leaders in their field, such as Gucci, HSBC, Warner Music or more recently the French company Ledger. It would therefore seem that Improbable is well on its way to riding the wave of metaverse success thanks to M²its new interoperability technology.


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