James Wan Explains Aquaman 2 Delay

Why was Aquaman 2 delayed? Sequel director James Wan explains the studio’s decision for temporary needs.

The fans of king of atlantis from DC Comics They had bad news today. As we said on our website, Pictures from Warner Bros. delayed most of the blockbuster films of the DC Universe. We could already have explained what happened with shinebut what happened to Aquaman 2? Following james wan and Jason Momoa has been postponed to March 17. Its premiere was scheduled for the end of 2022, so we will have to wait several more months. This delay is somewhat frustrating, but it seems that the filmmaker wanted to explain and justify the movement of dates.

The delay in the sequel is due to digital effects. They are using new technology and need time to finish it

After the announcement of the delay of Aquaman 2James Wan went on social media to share an update on the progress of the film. He took the opportunity to publish a photograph of his workspace, his office. Looks like he’s in the middle of post-production on the movie. According to the filmmaker, the extra three months gives the film more time to get it right. Keep in mind that this is a tape full of digital effects. I need more months of work.

I am here. Work non-stop. Day and night, at least fifteen hours a day, in this director’s version from home. I thank God for the big desk I have“James Wan commented on the situation he finds himself in Aquaman 2. “For a film that has almost all the visual effects, I’m grateful for the extra time it takes to get it right. We work with totally innovative technology. I’m impressed with some of the early testing we’re doing. I am cautiously optimistic and feeling excited. I can’t wait to share it“.

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