List of companies and insurers in Peru

How many insurance companies are there in Peru? Here in this article we are going to give you a list of the insurance companies in Peru year after year they have been gaining more ground.

List of insurance companies in Peru

How many insurance companies are there in Peru? These with nine more recognized below.

  1. Ace Insurance
  2. Cardif del Peru Insurance Company
  3. Interseguro Insurance Company
  4. The Positive Insurance Company
  5. Mapfre Peru Insurance Company
  6. Pacific Peruvian Switzerland Insurance Company
  7. Protecta Insurance Company
  8. RĂ­mac International Insurance Company
  9. Secrex Credit and Guarantee Insurance Company

Several of these insurers are within the ranking of insurers in Peru 2021.

insurers in Peru

All these insurers have several types of insurance in Peru What:

What are the types of insurance in Peru?

  1. life insurance
  2. health insurance
  3. card insurance
  4. Lien Insurance
  5. travel insurance
  6. SOAT
  7. vehicle insurance
  8. business insurance
  9. independent health worker
  10. SCTR
  11. law life insurance
  12. loss of profit
  13. professional liability
  14. school rent insurance
  15. home insurance
  16. jubilee income
  17. business insurance
  18. Patrimonial Risk Insurance
  19. Insurance for Engineering Risks
  20. transport insurance
  21. Bond Letter and Bond Policy
  22. Credit insurance
  23. earthquake insurance

Likewise, there are other specific segments in the segment market in Peru and its location in Latin America that has a significant impact.

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