Motorbike. 500 km, a dream autonomy… on a motorcycle

A few minutes are enough to refuel a motorcycle with a tank of 15 to 20 liters. This is a very common volume for a motorcycle. A scooter carries less because of the lack of space to store this precious liquid.

So if some are struggling to reach 200 kilometers of autonomy, the only constraint ultimately comes down to frequent stops to add a few liters of unleaded. Despite everything, you may want to have maximum autonomy as offered by some motorcycles ready to travel.

The GSA, the one with the largest capacity

For 40 years, the BMW GS has been synonymous with travel. Available in two versions, the GSA with an A for Adventure carries with it 30 liters of fuel which today allows you to travel 500 kilometers even without driving on economy. Thirty years ago, it was not uncommon to find 25-litre tanks, but the engines of the time consumed much more.

Those who drive our machines these days are Euro 5 compliant: economical and efficient at the same time, in short, models of efficiency. As a result, the manufacturers have reduced the size of the tanks while maintaining a minimum autonomy of around 200 kilometers which still resonates as a barrier below which autonomy becomes a constraint.

Other trails (top category in motorcycles like SUVs in cars), allow you to travel far with large tanks. We can mention the Honda Africa Twin 1100 Adventure Sports with its 24.8 liter tank and its consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 that can be improved with the surprisingly economical automatic transmission.

Yamaha enters the dance with its Ténéré 700 World Raid and its double tank for a total capacity of 23 liters, without forgetting the new Triumph Tiger 1200 with 30 lites too. The main drawback of all these already high-legged motorcycles is this high perched weight which is not very easy if you are less than 1.80 m tall.

Sobriety, the recipe put forward by Honda

Honda bet on sobriety with the arrival of the line of NC700 then 750 with the automatic gearbox more than 10 years ago already. Motorcycles that proudly display 4 liters per 100 whatever the pace.

So with about fifteen liters of gasoline, you can see far, as is also the case with simpler small motorcycles like some Royal Enfields which do not consume much if they are not efficient. We think of the Himalayan 400 for example, a machine at the antipodes of the race for technology.

What trails, what trails! It’s true. The diehard GTs left the scene. Farewell FJR, GTR etc. only the RT remains on the track. However, there are still so-called Touring motorcycles as the Americans Indian and Harley-Davidson know how to do. These large, long-stroke, air/oil-cooled engines consume little fuel because they don’t spin fast.

We play on the couple so even if the scale easily displays weights beyond 300 to 350 kilos, it consumes little once launched. A Harley-Davidson Road Glide, the name is predestined for travel, has a 22.7 liter tank and can easily flirt with 5 liters per 100 when cruising quietly on the plain.

Don’t worry, there are still a number of motorcycles where reaching 200 kilometers remains a real challenge and the stops at the pump promise to be numerous. If you plan to drive without stopping every 150 km, take a look at the fuel consumption which varies from 4 to 10 liters per 100 km and the tanks with a capacity varying from 8 to 30 litres, that’s the big difference.

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