Netflix Reveals Meta Teaser for Cliff Beasts 6, Judd Apatow’s Upcoming WTF Comedy

After plunging Pete Davidson into a Staten Island firehouse to face his demons, Judd Apatow completes an entirely different project. He collaborates for the second time with Netflix, after having created the excellent series Love, for a very meta feature film available on the platform on April 1. A track in itself.

With Cliff Beasts 6, will take us behind the scenes of the filming of a blockbuster in times of Covid-19. And if we’re not looking at pandemic-inspired projects at all, through the azimuthal prism of the prince of American comedy, at the origin of 40 years old, still a virgin, funny people or Pregnant, instructions for usewe sign

For the occasion, Netflix has decided to make a movie-within-a-movie teaser. In this short trailer, there is no trace of The bubble, but the apocalyptic trailer of Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle for Everestat the crossroads between yet another work of jurassic world and Jumanjiaccompanied by the following synopsis, taken directly from a highly successful scenario generator:

“Once again, humanity is threatened by a species of dinosaur: the Beasts of the Cliff. The team must reunite, after five long years, to fight the Beasts of the Cliff, but this time on Mount Everest.”

On his set, Judd Apatow gathered in particular his faithful collaborators: his wife, Leslie Mann, and their daughter, Iris Apatow, but also Karen Gillan (Jumanji). We will also find comedian Fred Armisen, Maria Bakalova (borat), David Duchovny (Californication), but also masks, hydroalcoholic gel and barrier gestures.

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