Netflix will release a fascinating documentary series about the sexual pleasure of fxmmes!

International Women’s Rights Day or not, it is essential to educate yourself about the injustices that you experience on a daily basis. Around the world, women experience inequalities and enjoy less visibility than men in many spheres of society.

If you want to change the game by learning about the subject in a fun way, this docu-series coming to Netflix this month is sure to interest you! On March 22 you will be able to see The principles of pleasure which is about sexual pleasure in fxmmes!

Starring American actress Michelle Buteau what we could see in You’ll always be my maybe and Isn’t that romantic? the documentary investigates the reality and the taboos that surround sexual pleasure among women. Through testimonials and statistics, this informative series makes us realize how often the pleasure of fxmmes in the bedroom is overlooked.

Indeed, The principles of pleasure reveals, among other things, that the orgasmic gap is greater than the wage gap between the sexes. The rest, this gives us absolutely relevant food for thought on how women can regain their power by learning how their sexual pleasure works, in order to have a more satisfying life in general. As the narrator of the documentary mentions: “Talk about fun can be embarrassing, but it shouldn’t be!” »

This documentary series is therefore an absolutely great cultural product to expand the knowledge of pleasure among fxmmes, and It seems like the perfect tool to have a better sex education!

The principles of pleasure

As of March 22, 2022

on netflix

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