New trailer for Chinese sci-fi ‘Restart the Earth’ about intelligent plants

New trailer for Chinese sci-fi “Restart the Earth” about sentient plants

Angry smart plants are turning against humanity! Wow! What a cool concept. ITN Distribution has released a new international trailer for an epic Chinese sci-fi survival movie titled reset earth. After the great success of China wandering earth, it seems their epic disaster film industry is getting bigger and churning out more and more projects year after year. When a drug to replicate plant cells creates an intelligent flower form, the planet fills with flora and humanity disappears. A Chinese task force, a widowed father and his young daughter fight for survival on a mission to inject an antidote into the heart of plants to reverse their growth. They need to “reboot the Earth”. It’s totally a movie that Hollywood would have made in the ’90s, but now China is making all these movies these days. As long as they’re a hit in China, that’s all that matters! reset earth stars mickey is, My Luo, michelle ye, Covering, Li Ruoxy, ye xinyuand Huang Kai Lun. It looks really bad, but also a little unbelievable?! You gotta see it for yourself.

Here is the international trailer (+ posters) of Zhenzhao Lin’s reset earthfrom YouTube:

And here is another quick Chinese trailer of Zhenzhao Lin reset earthalso from YouTube:

Reboot Earth Poster

To combat desertification, human beings developed special drugs to promote the reproduction of plant cells, but they accidentally released the stress system of plants and awakened the intelligence of plants. The overgrowing plants quickly engulfed the cities and attacked the humans. A global green tide that may lead to the demise of human civilization is about to erupt. A global joint action team was dispatched to implement drugs to suppress the activities of the plants. The Chinese team and the survivors found themselves in danger, walked through the ruins of the city, and worked together to complete the difficult task. reset earthoriginally known as reset the earth in Mandarin, is directed by the Chinese filmmaker Zhenzhao Linfilm director the unity of heroes, snakes, Monkey King: The Volcano, snakes 2, the lovely ghostand rats on a train previously. No screenwriting credit is included. The film already opened in theaters in China at the end of last year. ITN Distribution will be released, but an official date has not been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for updates. Is anyone interested?

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