Jean-Jacques Bourdin targeted by a second complaint

Journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin is the subject of a second complaint, filed Wednesday at the police station of the 16th arrondissement of Paris and which the investigation unit of Radio France was able to consult on Thursday February 17

should you fall for the queen of electrics?

should you fall for the queen of electrics?

The Zoe was launched in 2013 as a small versatile car the size of the Clio. Phase 1 is operational until 2019, first under the name Q90 (Q210 then R240 engines) with a range of 130 km on the road and 80 km on the motorway.

the best Volkswagen in the world… that nobody liked!

the best Volkswagen in the world... that nobody liked!

When Piëch becomes the all-powerful boss of the Volkswagen group, the boy hasn’t had anything to prove for a long time. His reputation preceded him anyway.

The Dunkirk Carnival invites itself to the small screen, after the cancellation of the 2022 edition

“Why do we have so much fun during carnival and why don’t we do it all year round? Pierre is a photographer. Facing the camera, he delivers his vision of the Dunkirk carnival in this polyphonic and colorful documentary by Yannick Delva and Datis Balaï, called We live up there, in reference to a carnival song.