Red Dead Online Has Plenty Of Bonuses To Take Advantage Of Again

The best way to earn money and experience points in Red Dead Online this week is still by completing Hardcore Telegram Missions. This mode will be in the spotlight throughout April and you will get no less than three times as many dollars and XP for it.

In addition, this week there is an extra bonus for a specific Telegram Mission. If you manage to successfully complete the mission ‘Outrider’, you will receive a coupon for a 30 percent discount on a Hunting Wagon. So you can save a lot of in-game dollars with that.

More bonuses in Red Dead Online

If you are not a fan of the Telegram Missions, fortunately there are many more ways to get your money. PvP enthusiasts can, for example, throw themselves into the hardcore variant of the Takeover Series. That mode yields three times as many dollars and XP these days.

You can also take advantage of the bonuses on Call to Arms and Blood Money Opportunities throughout April. For the criminal activities, you will be rewarded with a doubling of dollars and experience points, while Call to Arms offers the same benefit, but also doubles your gold coins earned. So get started in Red Dead Online now to top up your savings!

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