‘Sacred Spirit’, best Spanish film according to critics

After having forged a cult status as a short film, Chema Garcia Ibarra created in feature film with this surprising cocktail of costumbrista comedy with a touch of dark chronicle and Martian science fiction which, in addition, transforms the Elche de Carrús district into a (seemingly) impossible mix between Luxor and Area 51. An odyssey mystique who began his career with a special mention at Locarno and ended up winning the vote of the specialized critics summoned by FOTOGRAMAS. A whole cosmic conjunction that testifies to the air of revolution of a Spanish cinema that seeks to break the boundaries of conventional indie.

These are the results of the votes of the critics convened by FOTOGRAMAS* to choose the best Spanish film of the year:

‘Sacred Spirit’, by Chema García Ibarra. 152 votes

‘Who prevents it’, by Jonás Trueba. 123 votes

‘The Good Boss’, by Fernando León de Aranoa. 91 votes

‘Parallel Mothers’, by Pedro Almodóvar. 90 votes

‘Three’, by Juanjo Giménez. 74 votes

‘Freedom’, by Clara Roquet. 61 votes

‘Maixabel’, by Icíar Bollaín. 57 votes

‘Brave Flash’, by Ainhoa ​​Rodríguez. 55 votes

“Six Ordinary Days”, by Neus Ballús. 55 votes

“Love in Its Place”, by Rodrigo García. 40 votes

‘The laws of the border’, by Daniel Monzón. 37 votes

‘Karen’, by Maria Perez. 32 votes

‘The Girl’, by Manuel Martín Cuenca. 27 votes

‘An optical effect’, by Juan Cavestany. 23 votes

‘Life was that’, by David Martín de los Santos. 21 votes

‘The Substitute’, by Óscar Aibar. 17 votes

‘Josephine’, by Javier Marco. 10 votes

‘Ama’, by Julia de Paz. 9 votes

‘Magaluf Ghost Town’, by Miguel Ángel Blanca. 9 votes

‘The Club of the Unemployed’, by David Marqués. 8 voices

‘Cut!’, by Marc Ferrer. 7 votes

Chavalas, by Carol Rodriguez. 7 votes

Lucas, by Alex Montoya. 7 votes

‘Sediments’, by Adrián Silvestre. 7 votes

*The 72 critics voted for his five films, domestic and foreign, in order of preference (from 5 to 1 points). Only those who have obtained at least 7 points appear in the lists of these pages

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