The Batman has achieved the second-best start since the start of the pandemic

the batman, a new black and desperate work of the adventures of the masked vigilante, won first place at the US box office after its premiere, according to provisional figures from the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations published this Sunday.

The Warner Bros. studio film, in which Batman is played by British actor Robert Pattinson, grossed $128.5 million from Friday to Sunday, while its production costs are estimated at around $200 million. While promoting the movie, we met Robert Pattinson and Zoƫ Kravitz:

It is the best release of a film in 2022 and the second since the start of the pandemic, behind the 260 million dollars it has made. Spider-Man: No Way Home when it hits screens in December. Relegated to second place Unexplored, adaptation of the successful video game published by Sony.

The film, in which Tom Holland plays a treasure hunter, again generated $11 million in revenue over the weekend, taking its earnings to more than $100 million in three weeks.

Third, the canine feature film dog, which chronicles the road trip of an army veteran played by Channing Tatum, accompanied by a Belgian shepherd, has raised six million dollars since Friday. Confirming the popularity of him, the last Spiderman it again made $4.4 million for its twelfth week of operation. Its international revenues exceeded one billion dollars.

In fifth place with $2.7 million earned over the weekend, death on the nile shows that Hercule Poirot’s intuition continues to seduce, more than 80 years after the publication of this seminal novel by Agatha Christie.

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

6. all on stage 2 (1.5 million)
7. donkey forever (1.4 million)
8. Cyrano (683,000)
9. He shouted (570,000)
10 Marry me (530,000)

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