The Best Social Networks To Communicate Online

Nowadays, the use of social networks has become one of our preferred means of communication. Quickly sharing content, staying connected, meeting new people, or even developing your business via these various social platforms are now within everyone’s reach and have many advantages. However, have you ever wondered what the best social networks to communicate online ? Or, what range of possibilities can they offer you? Which networks would best suit your needs? In this article, we will introduce you 3 social communication networks online, which is among the best as well as their strengths.

What are the means of communication through social networks?

1- Content sharing

To exchange through the networks, you will have several possibilities. Among them are sharing and content publishing social media. These are actually a way to communicate with your audience. For example, with content sharing you will be able to do storytelling, in addition, tell your personal or professional story. It is a communication strategy that has now become more democratic.

2- Text, audio and video chats

Of course, to interact with the people around you, you can use messages with the use of emoticons, and even make voice or video calls. Now, several social networks allow you to interact in different ways, whether public or private. This is also very advantageous for companies, because now they have the ability to create a real link with their prospects, and this in a direct way.

Which social networks to choose for online communication?

The choice of your communication app online will depend on several factors. For example, if you want to share photographic or artistic content, you will rather turn to instagram, while if you prefer to exchange with those around you or even use your social network as advertising asset For Your Business, Facebook is still a very good option.

On the other hand, if you wish to choose a means of communication rather community and feature-rich, you can turn to Discord and one of its many servers. In addition to video games, this network has several qualities of communication, to the point that it has become the most downloaded social platform in France during the health crisis.


Discord a communicative asset

A relational platform

If we have chosen to tell you about Discord as being one of the best networks of communication, it is thanks to its many features in addition to its ease of use and its free aspect. With this messaging tool, you will be able to create many servers, and to have access to voice and video chats to carry out videoconferences. In addition, the platform provides several categories of themes that may be of interest to its users (art, sport, video games, etc.) and various text fonts. Moreover, in this article dedicated to the Discord font, come and discover in a few clicks how to modify it. In addition, on this social network, it is possible to interact with friends easily and select moderators to set up your own rules.

A tool developing the internal communication of employees

If you are a business looking for communication tools, consider downloading Discord. Thanks to its chat rooms, you can organize your projects as well as the topics to be discussed, for the proper functioning of your business. Be aware that if you use the telework, this application will be indispensable to you. Additionally, you can choose to chat via voice channels to optimize your collaborations.

A marketing communication tool

Yes, in addition to being at the service of the internal corporate communication, this social platform can very well act as a marketing communication tool. Being able to set up a good customer experience on Discord, it’s possible! Always via its various servers and channels, you will be able to animate and maintain the link between your customers and your brand. For example, you will be able to:

  • To organize events with your audience.
  • To offer them exclusive products.
  • To share with them all your new products in preview.

Some companies actually use Discord as a customer servicein order to be able to answer and advise their customers, or even create spaces specially dedicated to suggestions from their customers the most loyal. And that’s not all ! This sharing platform can very well contribute to the promotion of your company, in particular within the framework of webinars or even of podcast.

Other structures are running campaigns via Discord to recruit new employees, with the creating text rooms to ask questions and interact with the most interested, not to mention the use of voice lounges to share on various topics. Certainly nowadays a lot of companies using Discord are brands related to the world of video games, but in view of the great performance of this very promising platform, it is obvious that its use will continue to extend to many other companies.

Facebook, the leader in communication tools


We cannot talk about the best communication networks without citing Facebook. His communication skills worldwide are no longer to be proven. For companies, having Facebook is essential, especially for those operating through the B2C (business to consumer) in other words in direct relation with the consumer. Indeed, via the latter you can:

  • Animate your sales
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Manage customer relationship

One of the advantages of Facebook is its user rate and its great popularity. Because an incalculable number of Internet users use this communication platform. Moreover, this network is the second most viewed website after the Google search engine. Its popularity, its ease of use and its fun side make Facebook one of the best social networks on the market.

Other collaborative communication platforms


Other interesting solutions include the following:

  • WhatsApp : for friends and privacy;
  • Slack : a useful platform for organizing private working groups;
  • Skype : for live chat or videoconference;
  • etc

The best visual communication network

Online communication also involves the image. One of the best networks going in this direction is instagram, which was also bought by Facebook. Communicating through visual content has become a popular medium for brands and businesses. With the help of the use of hashtags, it is possible to boost its visibility, moreover via the filters and the various functionalities of this online network, users are able improve the quality of their communication by pictures.

What makes Instagram so great is that through it you can tell a story, with the stories and other options. This allows brands to vary their content. Thanks to this application, we communicate in a way creative and attractive. With soon more than 1 billion users, Instagram stands out for its great originality.

In short, there are a multitude of communicative social networks. Each having their own qualities and advantages. Depending on your communication needs, you will choose the social network that suits you best. Whether it is centered on the sharing via servers or on a visual communication or on sharing on a global scale, they will allow you to share and achieve your marketing objectives. The era of social networks has not finished surprising us.

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