the Japanese in the lead… Tesla far behind, the French struggling!

What are the most reliable brands? And the least reliable? A question that torments the future buyer to avoid going too often to the workshop. The American consumer protection organization – Consumer Reports – selects each year the manufacturers whose at least two models have been tested during the year.

The score awarded (out of 100) is calculated according to four criteria: road tests, reliability, safety and owner satisfaction. Unfortunately, the American market is different from Europe.

No amalgam

On the American market, many models – even Japanese – do not exist in Europe. Peugeot, Citroën or Renault are in the rank of figuration on Yankee soil; they are not referenced in the studies.

On the other hand, Que Choisir (with its Belgian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese counterparts) carries out an annual survey on the reliability of cars; the magazine had unveiled its 2020 ranking several months ago.

The calculated reliability index notably takes into account the number and importance of declared breakdowns, the age of the vehicle and the number of kilometers travelled. The result is however the same.

Jeep, which has taken the turn of the hybrid, is now ahead of Tesla in terms of the reliability of its models.  Jeep pictures

The Japanese, but not all

With the exception of Nissan, a member of the Alliance, whose breakdown rate is higher than Peugeot, the Japanese car brands are doing well. Lexus, Toyota’s top-of-the-range brand, triumphs and takes the top step of most trusted brands.

Toyota is positioned on the second step, followed by Honda. For Consumer Reports, Lexus is in the lead but Mazda is in second place, followed by Toyota. Suzuki is also one of the reliable brands, just like Subaru which remains very discreet in France.

At the bottom of the ranking of the most reliable cars, there are not only French models.  The new Polo or the Mercedes class C also arrive at the back of the pack.  Buying a German is no longer necessarily a guarantee of reliability.  Volkswagen picture

Average European Premiums

According to the American ranking, the best-ranked brand is Mini in 10th position thanks to the Countryman, whose reliability is described as exceptional. Audi points to 17th place while Porsche, Volvo and Mercedes inherit 13th, 20th and 23rd places.

Volkswagen goes back to 24th position despite Tiguans and ID.4s with tainted reliability.

Tesla only comes in 27th position, behind Jeep, in particular because of body defects, problems with the air conditioning systems and on-board electronics on the X and Y models. The reliability rate is 25/100 against 86/100 for Lexus.

French women struggling

The French brands are still behind. According to the 2020 ranking established by Que Choisir out of 33 brands present in Europe, DS automobiles is in 20th place, behind Dacia which is in 17th place while losing positions compared to its last ranking.

Peugeot is 23rd ahead of Citroën (24th) and Renault 26th. If the 208 and the C3 get away with the honors, Renault is stuck with the worries of its 1.2 l TCe.

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