" This is the reason for leaving the ‘Chandralekha’ series!"- Arun Rajni

Chandralekha serial has aired more than 2200 episodes. The series is arguably Sun TV’s megahit. Same time slot from serial telecast till date…same artist!

Arun Rajan, who has been playing the lead role in the series that has been airing for over eight years, has now pulled out of the series. He has posted about this on his Instagram page. In an environment where this information has come as a huge shock to his fans, we got in touch with Arun Rajan.

Arun Rajni

“I will not manage to randomly date for Chandralekha series. After ‘Roja’ and ‘Ambe Vaa’ series, give us a date for his time with Freya. I will be in Kodaikanal. There will be some commitment for me. Even if we leave, we will shoot for only three days, and every other day will be a waste.

It’s been almost 8 years since this project was born and I dropped everything else for this project and only dated it. Ask her thoroughly if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. What will happen next? No one can answer the phone.

Arun Rajni

We can work liberally from where we work. When it is not, there is no interest in looking for work. That’s why I said I was leaving two months ago. I kept on pretending until he saw the other boy. There will be politics everywhere. So be this place. More than 4000 project fests. I never look for work for cash. I left the serial knowing that the reference set Aktunnu “We asked about the next project.

“There are a lot of projects coming up. Personally I have made a travel plan. I will finish that trip and see you soon on a cool project!” said.

Arun Rajan – Ashwini

Serial actor Ashwin will replace Arun Rajan in the series. Recently, this issue has remained a constant in the serial world. After this, the cast of the important series leaving the serial due to some reason is becoming a saga!

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