Top 10 Free Mobile Games for iPhone in 2022

Final Fantasy VII is one of best games free available on App Store. It is indeed a game of fight and strategy with several levels of progression. Thus, you are faced with an army of monsters against which you must defend yourself using the available options. These are three in number:

  • melee attacks for Ninjas;
  • firearms for warriors;
  • magic for wizards.

With each fight, you gain points and skills. You have the option of using the coins acquired for personal purposes such as the acquisition of objects or equipment.

League Of Legend Wild Rift

One of the best video games in 2022 is “ League of Legends “. The strategy game also available on android via various links allows you to play for free with friends by forming teams. So you have to develop strategy games collective to become a legend. The objective here is to benefit from best possible classifications.

To do this, you are provided with a multifunctional giant sword. You can indeed choose the ice or the spell as a means of fighting enemies.

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marvel future revolution

From best iphone and ipad games free figure marvel future revolution. The action adventure game brings together the superheroes of the universe Marvel for the happiness of the amateurs. Thus, you can launch yourself through special operations in search of a better world. The different steps taken allow you to improve your equipment. The popularity of the video game makes it also ranked among the best android games.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile is part of the best games list free available on iOS. Thus, you have the possibility to play it on iPhone and on iPad with the same rendering or almost as on nintendo-switch Where sony PlayStation. Also, the customization of controls, instant and voice chats are all reasons to Download. In addition, you have several modes of mobile games such as :

  • multiplayer mode;
  • the Battle Royale mode;
  • Sniper mode;
  • death matches.

In addition, you can customize your equipment by unlocking a wide range of weapons, characters or outfits.

Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is one of best mobile games from the moment. This is a free game developed by Plarium Global. The popularity of this game of combat comes mainly from the quality of its graphics. Here, the goal is to save the world from the clutches of the enemy. The forces of Light and Dark are entirely under your control. Several options are available to you to make your task easier, such as recruiting warriors, forming defenses or even equipping troops.

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pokemon go

Pokemon Go is one of android games which integrates certain parts of daily life thanks to the on-board camera of your smartphone. Thus, the players feel like they’re playing live, as parks, monuments, and other objects are an integral part of the virtual interface. Here you have to capture as many Pokemon as possible to get rewards.

You have the option of playing as a team to achieve your goals by adding other users. Also, you gain a lot of experience by practicing training the beasts. In addition, you have several options for video games such as the themethe decor or even the creatures used.

Rocket League Sideswipe

This is a 2D game that is one of the best iphone games 2022. Indeed, Rocket League Sideswipe is a sports game that combines football and cars. Here you have to score goals in the opposing side to win. You have the opportunity to use the cars available to be the fastest and most interesting.

the game iOS is available through App Store. Also, the download link offers various options. Thus, you can select the free mode to play online via a Internet connection to train on different maneuvers without impacting your overall ranking.

Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is the ultimate car racing game. The latest release in the saga on mobiles Apple brings together the best supercars of the moment for the greatest joy of enthusiasts. Thus, you will be able to launch yourself at crazy speeds through different tracks. Also, you have the choice between hundreds of races available to entertain you on your mobile.

As usual, you have several game modes to choose from as well as an indefinite number of challenges to overcome. Besides, the developers have added some improvements, especially in the control system for a better driving experience.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This is one ios games of role and strategy very popular on the market. Created by nintendothe saga Fire Emblem Heroes immerses you in a setting of intense battles led by the characters of the series. More than 1000 levels are to be completed in this game also available on Google Play.

The goal here is to lead your troops to victory while thwarting the strategies developed by the opposing camp. You have the opportunity to enhance the individual abilities of your heroes by leveling up or unlocking weapons. In addition, you have several game modes according to your preferences.

Apex Legends

The selection of the best games understand Apex Legends, a multiplayer fast-paced fighting game. In this epic saga, you put yourself in the shoes of a legend at your picture and fight for your survival, fortune and glory. Thus, you are faced with attacks from enemies who spare no effort to oust you.

Strategy is then necessary to emerge victorious from the battlefields. To do this, several options are offered such as the choice of characters according to your style and the different possible customizations. The game offers a dynamic interface with an effective control system even on mobile.

If you prefer games of chance, you can also test the games with free spins and bonuses listed on You can access it on the web version from your iPhone. But as is the case with all mobile games, play in moderation and be careful not to become addicted!

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