Top 5 Best Staking Platforms (February 2022)

What are the best staking platforms for cryptocurrencies in February 2022? This is a question that thousands of crypto investors ask themselves. If you didn’t know, staking is one of the most interesting innovations allowed by cryptocurrencies. Indeed, thanks to staking, you can generate passive income.

However, the world of decentralized finance is complex. Not all investors can know and master the subtle differences of DeFi protocols. This is the reason why you have to go through staking platforms. And for you, we have made a top 5 of the best staking platforms for February 2022.

Number 1: AQRU

This is the nugget discovered by our teams. AQRU staking stands out as the best staking platform in February 2022. At the head of this company, Phil Blows, Digby Try and CTO Louis Quaintance. Their goal in creating AQRU? Take very complex financial products and simplify them.

Make them accessible to all investors, to democratize the power of investing and staking. An area that was previously reserved for financial institutions. How it works ? Nothing’s easier. You deposit the amount you want in the currency you want. Euro, dollars or pound sterling. But also Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Then, at AQRU, you have the choice of your strategy. You have the choice at AQRU to take risks in line with your investment strategy: cautious, moderate, risky…

  • Returns start at 12%, paid daily. When compared to booklet A, which was adjusted to 0.75% yield in June, it is 16 times more.
  • The rate of return is adjusted daily, depending on the risks and the market. Compared to a booklet which adjusts every 6 months, even if in the meantime the real returns are higher for the intermediaries.
  • Finally, you have the freedom to withdraw your money at any time.

These are the points that make this crypto staking platform the best in February 2022.

Number 2:

Finally, staking on It is a correct platform, with different possibilities and a simplified user journey. Only, does not have the stability of its competitors Kraken, Coinbase or Binance. Much younger, bugs and errors are still part of the daily life of the platform. Its users particularly remember the day when trading in the Shiba Inu (SHIB) was suspended as its price exploded. In question, infrastructures exceeded by the number of users. will undoubtedly be a very good staking platform, but it will take a few years for the quality to be there.

Number 3: BinanceBinance logo

On Binance, you will also be able to benefit from staking offers and earn passive income on different assets. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world. It is also one of the exchanges on which there are the most cryptocurrencies. The number of crypto available on Binance is 406, with over 1600 markets available. This wide variety allows you to have access to many staking offers. However, returns are much lower at Binance.

In addition, you mainly have access to staking allowed by PoS cryptocurrencies, that is to say proof of stake. These are the cryptocurrencies that use staking to secure transactions instead of mining. This technology and the future of blockchain. But at Binance this means greater complexity to invest and benefit from staking. Because the number 1 platform is difficult to handle for an investor, and finding the staking portfolio from your Binance account can be a real obstacle course.

Number 4: CoinbaseCoinbase Logo

On Coinbase, too, you have access to staking. In truth, Coinbase’s offer might just be the most attractive, were it not for a big downside. Started among the first, the Coinbase offer made it possible to stake stablecoin, like dollars. And this with returns close to those of AQRU.

All with a particularly fluid and pleasant user experience. However, US regulators put an end to this offer, considering that they were regulated financial products, and therefore that Coinbase had to request authorization to market them. Pending a court ruling, staking on Coinbase is on hold.

Number 5: krakenkraken

Kraken is one of the largest exchanges in the world. Although much less publicized than its big brothers Binance and Coinbase, the latter handles more than a billion dollars a day.

In addition to heavy traffic, Kraken has some tempting staking offers for investors. Although you generally have less flexibility than with AQRU. For example, staking is restricted to certain currencies. No possibility to invest your euros or your dollars. You can nevertheless benefit from interesting staking with certain cryptocurrencies. The Polkadot for example, one of the best yields of kraken, exceeds 10%. However, the withdrawal of your funds will not be immediate, and you will be subject to market volatility.

Finally, on Kraken, the interest rate is not re-calculated daily. It is fixed for cryptocurrencies like Polkadot (DOT) or Kusama (KSM). And you will have to wait a long time before the platform actually takes into account the rate changes.

Here is the list of the best staking platforms in February 2022. This top 5 only engages the experts and analysts of our media. Staking remains complicated in 2022, but this activity is growing. In a short time, the world of DeFi will prevail. The yields and opportunities of staking are far above what banks, savings accounts and life insurance companies offer.

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