Travel insurance in Mexico: Types and Coverage

Are you planning to travel to Mexico or if you are Mexican you want to travel to a city in the republic and you do not know what types of travel insurance exist in Mexico?

Get ready in this article guide you will know what types of travel insurance in Mexico, Coverage, planes and how much travel insurance costs.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance in Mexico

Travel insurance is a policy that covers you against any unforeseen event that may occur at the destination; both medical, luggage or flight.

Everything will depend on the travel insurance you hire and what types of coverage you have access to in your travel insurance policy.

doWhat coverage does travel insurance offer?

When we talk about travel insurance coverage in Mexico, they can be a real headache, several things can happen such as; extra expenses, loss of checked luggage or difficulty in obtaining good medical care.

For example, now with these problems, even more so since the outbreak of COVID-19, several insurance companies provide the most important coverage of travel insurance.

  1. 24-hour medical assistance: including COVID-19 and PCR!
  2. Repatriation and medical transport
  3. trip cancellation
  4. trip interruption
  5. early return
  6. computer problems
  7. delays
  8. loss of services
  9. accidents
  10. civil liability
  11. Medical Assistance for Sickness
  12. Medical assistance for accidents
  13. medication refill
  14. Emergency Dentistry
  15. Transfer and hotel expenses of a family member
  16. funeral repatriation
  17. Trip cancellation expenses
  18. Legal assistance
  19. Send urgent messages
  20. Compensation in case of loss, theft or destruction
  21. Advance of funds in case of theft, loss of luggage, illness or accident

How much does travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on several factors such as the coverage, the areas where you visit, the higher the price and the greater the need to take out medical insurance to cover this and other eventualities.

The more covers the cost has, the higher the travel insurance, such as, for example, medical expenses assuming a fairly important disbursement if you do not have travel insurance that covers them completely.

Types of travel insurance that exist

Generally the types of travel insurance that these hundreds of Mexicans always use, types of travel insurance.

  1. national travel insurance
  2. exchange student insurance
  3. International Travel Insurance
  4. Student Travel Insurance
  5. Travel insurance for long stays
  6. Short stay travel insurance
  7. study travel insurance
  8. Cancellation or trip cancellation insurance
  9. Schengen travel insurance

If you are about to travel to any point or city in Mexico or abroad, you can purchase a international travel insurance or national.

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